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Prof. Bhola Thapa
Chair of IAHR-Asia 2021 Nepal

Nepal, a country of Mount Everest, country of Himalayas, a country of Lumbini, birth place of Lord Buddha, a country of Janakpur, birth place of Lord Sita and a country of extraordinary natural beauty welcomes all Researchers, Academicians and Professionals around the world for 3rd IAHR-Asia Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems, November 2021 in Kathmandu.

Nepal lies in South Asia between two large countries: China and India. The Himalaya which runs east-west all along the length of the country in the northern border can be seen as the ‘water tower’ of Asia. Together with Himalayas, Nepal has regular rainfall pattern throughout the year for perennial supply of surface water. Himalayas, rainfall and natural mountain topography provides tremendous opportunity of hydropower development in Nepal. Nepal has identified more than 84000 MW of hydropower capacity, but even though first hydropower project started more than hundred years ago, very less projects are developed and utilized so far. Nevertheless, this gives an opportunity for present and future generation as  Nepal is a vibrant place for hydropower development at the moment.

Nepal has unique challenges of operation of Hydropower due to large quantity of sediment present in rivers and reservoirs. The damage of hydro-mechanical components exposed to sediment is severe and a significant revenue is lost every year in repair and maintenance of these components. Researchers, academicians and scientists have great responsibility to solve sediment induced problem to make hydropower economically feasible. This sort of opportunity and problem is not only in Nepal but it is there in all countries in Hindu-Kush region connected by Himalayas starting from Afghanistan to Myanmar.

Turbine Testing Lab at Kathmandu University is serving as hub for researchers, academicians and industry to solve the problems in hydraulic turbines and connect all stakeholders together. TTL is also serving as a platform for international partners to contribute for hydropower development in Asian region, make hydropower as economically competent source of energy compared to other source, mitigate environment pollution and positively contribute to climate change and solve the problems of hydropower industry specially focusing on sediment induced erosion.

TTL and Nepal is really proud and glad for getting opportunity to host 3rd IAHR-Asia Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems, November 2021 in Kathmandu. It will really strengthen existing network and also create new network of all stakeholders.

We would like to welcome researchers, academicians and business professionals interested in Hydraulic Machinery and Systems in Nepal in November 2021. Please accept our invitation and enjoy Nepalese hospitality.


Prof. Bhola Thapa, Chair of IAHR-Asia 2021

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